If you want to enter the enogastronomic world linked with Barbera d’Asti docg and Nizza docg, Enoteca Regionale di Nizza Monferrato is the ideal place for you.

It is located in Palazzo Crova: designed in 1769 by the architect Filippo Nicolis from Robilant on request by baron Luigi Crova from Vaglio, it is an elegant neoclassical building from 17th century well included with a preexisting part of 15th century.

You will find 4 different perfect places inside it, ideal for the wine and food tourism: wine-shop of Enoteca, museum “Palazzo del Gusto”, Osteria-Vineria la Signora in Rosso and a Technical tasting room.


In Enoteca Nizza you can buy wine from our associated producers but also excellences from the local enogastronomy. Nizza docg and Barbera d’Asti docg are our top products, but we have a wide choice of all denominations of our land. Every week 6 different wines to be tasted in a glass, so that you can feel the surprising Barbera vine.



The Palazzo del Gusto is the main enogastronomic cultural reference of the Monferrato land: it deals with men’s stories, products and territories located between Tanaro and Bormida rivers, in the square defined by Asti, Alessandria, Acqui Terme and Santo Stefano Belbo/Roccaverano as cardinal points. Here we speak about products under different points of view such as values, knowledge and culture belonging to people from Monferrato: men who can represent one of the richest enogastronomic scenaries in Piedmont. You can visit it in the same time Enoteca entrance for the palace 3€


In the beautiful cellars of Palazzo Crova, the restaurant La Signora in Rosso is available to match appetizer, finger food or typical dishes with our wines!



Perfectly neutral place, monitor to display, small wine cellars to keep your wines at the right temperature and glass washer. Our technical tasting room can be rented and used for your tasting. Contact us to learn more.



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