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local appelations
associated producers
/7. The shop is open everyday

Enoteca Regionale di Nizza Monferrato  is considered as the landmark for all Barbera
lovers. It’s the right place to go and have a taste of Monferrato Astigiano land, get your glass
full of this region excellences and get a taste of Barbera d’Asti docg and Nizza docg.
Enoteca di Nizza is located inside the 18 Th century hystorical palace called
Palazzo Crova, and it’s the heartbeat of the core-zone dedicated to Barbera,
included in the UNESCO World Heritage site “ i paesaggi vitivinicoli di Langhe Roero e Monferrato”.

wine shop

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In Enoteca di Nizza you have the opportunity to buy wines of our associated producers and you
can also get some local food specialty. Nizza docg and Barbera d’Asti docg are our top choice products but we have a wider representation of all territorial denominations.

wine tasting

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We propose 6 different wines available to taste every week, as a suggestion to buy or as a chance to have a taste of our territory.

wine restaurant

Buy Furosemide Tablets Online Uk! Bonus 4 FREE Pills with all Orders

The Signora in Rosso restaurant sited in the evocative cellars of the Palazzo Crova is available to accompany you to discover our region, their dishes and appetizers make the best combination with our wines!


choose your favorite wines and gastronomic products from our price list and
send us an order request to or call us at +39 320 1414335



we are in Nizza Monferrato, Unesco Core Zone. Plan your wine tour through our beautiful hills and stop by to buy your favorite food and wine products at Enoteca di Nizza!