most significant vines from our land

We can offer a wide and high quality variety of red, white wines. Aromatics and sparkling wines from Piedmont area belonging to our associated producers. Below a brief description of main typologies you can find in Enoteca Nizza.


Land becoming wine

Since 2016 Nizza is officially one of the great red wine from Piedmont, when we opened the first bottles of  Nizza D.O.C.G.2014.
It is a high quality denomination, which gives great importance to terroir : each cru is a specific area which becomes wine, the ideal place where grapes can give their best expression. An elegant wine, long lasting and adaptable. It is produced only in 18 villages in the Nizza Monferrato area, it represents the diamond tip of wine production of the area.


Adaptable ruby

Barbera is a native vine and its wine has a really old tradition, already documented in the first years of the 16th century. Barbera was born from these grapes, on sunny hills of Asti and Alessandria province, a denomination which includes a big variety of red wines with peculiarities according to the area where it is grown and to producers’ enological choice. You can appreciate its freshness when it is young, but its aging potential, in barrels, is surprising.


High bubbles from Piedmont

Alta Langa is a special wine which celebrates the old sparkling tradition of this land.
Produced with pinot nero grapes and chardonnay grown at more than 250 meters of altitude on the hills of the province of Asti, Alessandria and Cuneo, Alta Langa is only method  millesimato and its refermentation is done only in the bottle according to the traditional metodo classico.
Thirty months on yeasts give to Alta Langa an olfactive complexity and fragrancy characters of a great sparkling wine.


Scented fizz between Langhe and Monferrato

Sweet and fresh,  a little bit fizz and typically aromatic, Moscato d’Asti is the sweetest wine in Italy and was born in Piedmont on the hills of 52 villages in the province of Asti, Cuneo and Alessandria. Made in  in autoclave to check and mantain temperature and pressure of the wine in the process Moscato d’Asti has a typical sweetness due to low alcohol and partially developed sugar. The wine name comes from the vine from which it is produced: just moscato bianco, also called Canelli.


Brilliant and unpredictable, loved by Savoia

One of the most historical wine from Piedmont appreciated as a high quality wine and protected by producers in 35 villages in the astigiano area. You can notice it for its typical color, different from the other red wines for its light ruby color, a delicate fruity perfume and a fresh taste, dry, tannic, lightly bitter due to “grignòle”, grape seeds in dialect from Piedmont, contained in the grape.


Wine of parties “lost” and found

A native vine recovered and enhanced by a priest in Castagnole Monferrato who could involve other producers leaving a fingerprint forever even in the 6 villages around. The calcareous and dry soil of  “roche” makes complex aromas to develop, in a balance with strong taste and unique and persistent fragrances: geranium, rose, ripe red fruit, spicy, face powder and cherries.


Original and strong

Best wine in the production from Tortona, it is a white vine difficult to be grown and of great success among who looks for a white to be aged. Worked with other white grapes or pure, it surprises the great structure, great aroma, high acidity, freshness and  mineral taste. Perfect to be aged which makes stronger mineral taste and hydrocarbon.


Great White from Piedmont

Among sea breeze and snow from the Apennine , in the province of Alessandria which has a good southern position and a special  microclimate, 11 villages devoted to Gavi production, an historical wine, adaptable and good, obtained by  100% cortese grapes. Scented, sapid, with a fresh taste and harmonious really good to drink.


The most antique with an unforgettable aroma

In the Monferrato are, between Nizza Monferrato and Acqui, this antique aromatic vine is produced in different ways in more than 26 villages: sparkling, passito, still wine and fizz wine, also dry. Not only sweet as the traditional one, but also perfect for  eating and for apetizer. Appreciated by Romans, an aromatic taste with fruity and floreal notes which reminds strawberry and roses which makes it delicate.


Sweat, precious and rare

Produced in Langa astigiana in a limited quantity , in the little village which gives the name and it is located at more than  400 mt on the hills separating  the Valley of Bormida river and Belbo river, Loazzolo is a  passito from Moscato extra ripe grape on the vine or  wilted on lines or boxes. Aged 24 months, 6 of them in small wooden barrels, which gives more taste to this meditation golden nectar.


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